Chai counseling (English) homepage

Welcome to this website!

I am very curious what brought you here. But please let me first tell you why I founded CHAI Counseling. With CHAI Counseling I would like to assist (young) adults that feel displaced. This can be due to migration or having fled from country of origin, but also due to other loss-experiences in life: loss of your loved one, your home or your job. Others feel displaced in the current time due to the many things happening around the world which makes them concerned. Finding someone that listens to your story can help. This is possible at CHAI Counseling. 

You are welcome for one or multiple sessions, online or face-to-face. Together we search for hope and meaning in your situation.

Chai Counseling stands by your side and takes your story seriously.

Humanity and good care are very important to me. This means I strive for high-quality and prompt care. 

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact me!