About Chai Counseling

CHAI [חי] (‘Ch’ being pronounced as in ‘Loch Ness’) means life in Hebrew. At CHAI Counseling we talk about life and anything related to that. Sometimes life is turned upside down, so much that you have to find your way again. For instance, when you had to flee your country. Or when you are missing your loved one, or when other painful things happened to you. In these situations, you can wonder:

  • Who am I actually?
  • Who/what keeps me going?
  • Who/what gives me strength, hope, meaning?
  • What am I doing it all for?

I would like to come alongside you in your search for possible answers to these or other questions that are important to you. At CHAI Counseling your story is important. Often there are no direct answers and solutions. However, I am here to stand by your side during difficult times. 

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