Private client

If you contact CHAI Counseling, I will do my best to respond as soon as possible. There is currently no waiting list, which makes it possible for your first appointment to take place shortly.

We will agree on a set date and time to have our session, ideally as soon as is convenient.

Following the initial session, you may want to book in further sessions, either online or face-to-face. CHAI Counseling offers the following possibilities:

1) Online session

2) Private face-to-face session (in Utrecht)

3) Face-to-face session at your own home

4) Walking session (in Utrecht area)


The initial session is for free. Further hourly sessions are €50,-. This is a guideline for those living within the EU. If you are struggling financially, please feel free to discuss this.

Payment terms

You will receive an invoice for any services provided. Invoices must be paid no later than 28 days after the invoice has been received.