Who am I

My name is Dirk-Jan Verhoeven (1987), a Christian and married to Tamar. From my faith in God, I believe that every human being is uniquely and beautifully made. Additionally, I believe that every person has been given unique qualities and gifts. It makes me happy whenever I can help people to flourish – regardless of their background. Also, when life experiences lead to more purity, wisdom, strength and hope. 

I am registered at the Dutch Association for chaplains in the Netherlands (the VGVZ). In 2014 I graduated as a chaplain from the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands). In 2008 I graduated as a social worker from the Christian College of Applied Sciences in Ede (the Netherlands).

I used to live and work as a counselor in the Middle East for five years, where I interacted with people who had fled their homes. During that time, I learned a lot about people, cultures and various religions. Furthermore, I have worked at numerous workplaces, assisting people who were placed on the fringes of society by homelessness or other problems. In conversation, I invite you to share your story. Together we can look for what stands out in your story and look for strength and hope. Does this appeal to you? Then I hope to meet you soon!